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Photos Publicity 1856
Slide Show ~ Concerts 1769
Slide Show ~ New Zealand Scenery 1953
Slide Show ~ Alberton 150th Celebration Concert 2013 2021
Guitar Abstract Painting 1894
Bruce Paine at Eden Quary 1918
Bruce Paine at Museum B&W 1876
Harmony Supertone Hawaiian Staccato Tone Guitar 1796
Copper Beech Tree Planting, Privett, England 2186
Auckland Scenic Images... 1877

Hine E Hine


Remembering Prague

Music CD Titles

CD Cover - The Selwyn Recital CD


Tonewood and Bear Claw CD

Classical Guitar DVD

Alberton CD

Music CD Titles

Recital for Guitar CD

Second Recital for Guitar CD

Music CD Titles

Lateral Lines CD

Guitar @ Museum CD